Proven Training Rabbits

In training rabbits, you may give them small amounts of treats as their reward especially if did their training jobs well. But you must see to it that you will not overfeed them with these because these foods are high in starch and sugar and could harm your pet rabbits. Overfeeding of foods to your pet rabbit could make him obese and obesity is one of the main health problems affecting rabbits.

Here are some of the important rules you need to know about training rabbits:

  • Make sure that your pet rabbit is ready for his training program before you get him into the training position.
  • Make sure that your pet rabbits are all have their treatments of spayed or neutered. Female rabbits should be spayed because they are prone to uterine cancer.
  • Clumping cat litters could hurt your pet rabbit so do not use these as bedding for their litter pans because when digested it could damage their liver or might cause respiratory blockage.
  • When the litter box is all set up, make a small door on it and keep your pet rabbit inside his litter box for awhile. Make sure there are enough food and water as well as toys on his litter box.
  • You can also put some timothy hay beside his litter box.
  • Cleaning your pet rabbit’s cage is a must. Clean it at least twice a week with soapy water and vinegar to remove the odor.
  • Try putting some droppings on his litter pan. Through this way he can get familiar with the smell of his poop and won’t have hard time doing his pooping business on his litter pan the next time he needs to.
  • Give your pet rabbits some small amount of treats as a token for doing their training well.
  • Do not push nor forced your pet rabbit about his litter training.