Info Indoor Outdoor Cats

My first male cat was not affectionate at all as a kitten. Unfortunately it took a car accident to turn our bond into one of deep trust and a caring connection. There is of course the opinion that had the cat been an indoor cat, he would not have been run over. I do at this stage acknowledge that, however where I grew up the notion was unheard of and litter boxes were for kittens until they learned to go outside.

When relocating to the USA I was eager to own cats all over again. Filling out the application form at the local shelter was when I first learned the term “indoor cat”. The safety it offers made it quite appealing and I considered having an indoor cat. Both cats and kittens are curious creatures. The two kittens I took home with me were no different. As soon as the front door opened they were under my feet trying to peak outside and escape. They managed to stay in for two weeks and then there I was with a halter and leash in hand educating them to the outdoors.

As regards to which Is better, well that is dependent upon where you live. In the event you leave your cat out and then on a regular basis it comes home bruised and battered then I suggest bringing it in. By the way cats can live very happily indoors. I cannot not talk to cats but you can see by there demeanor and eating habits that they are just fine. The first few weeks can be tough but overall you and your cat’s happiness are what are most important.