Fresh Water And Salt Water Don’t Mix

Before even setting up your tank decide what kind of fish you are going to keep, some people don’t have much time on their hands and so low maintenance cold or easy to manage tropical fish are the best ways to go, for those with much more time and a higher level of commitment there are many varied species to chose from, including the easiest to care for fresh water fish to beautiful and fascinating marine fish.

Unfortunately rushing to the pet store and picking out the prettiest, most colorful and interesting looking tropical fish is not the best way to stock the tank. Some people have synthetic decorations and rock for there fish tanks.

If you are thinking about purchasing a fish for your saltwater tank you need to plan it out first and make sure that the fish you purchase can live in the environment with the other fish. The first step to your fish tank is setting it up and this is only the beginning. After the fish tank is setup you will need to make many adjustments, some of the adjustments are the water temperature, food and lighting, plus you must consider the items and decorations that you put into the tank.

A fish tank that is a salt water tank needs to mimic the ocean, the salt water needs to be the same salinity and the environment needs to be very similar. Once you get your tank up and running with no problems you will able to enjoy the salt water tank and the fish.

Lighting is actually as important as filtration it mimics the day light and the night so fish think they are in their natural habitat. When choosing a salt water tank and filtration systems it can be a very confusing process since there are so many to choose from. One of the most important things to remember is that filtration is very important when taking care of you tank.

For freshwater fish you may be able to get by without having one. Many people think it is easy taking care of a freshwater fish, but in reality there is work involved. At time you will need to clean your freshwater tanks, they do require cleaning, so you will need to remove the fish and place them somewhere else for the time being.

When decorating the fish tank the gravel will sit at the bottom, this make the tank much more interesting and it gives a more real feel to it. Fish tank gravel can be bought in either natural or colored designs.

There are many tanks of various sizes and shapes, when choosing the tank for you home make sure the tanks size fits and it won’t be in the way or accidentally knocked over.