Caring for Baby Iguanas

In order to begin caring for the babies, you have to ensure that they are born into a healthy environment. If you have a female iguana that is about to lay eggs, this section applies to you. Ensure that your mother iguana has a safe, clean and quiet place to lay her eggs. The female iguana likes to bury her eggs, so fill the enclosure or cage with soft dirt for the burial. If you suspect that one of the female iguana’s eggs has gotten “stuck” inside her reproductive system, you may need to take the mother iguana to the veterinarian for x-rays. Once the mother has laid and buried her eggs, she will be very defensive of them, so keep this in mind when tending to the enclosure. When the time comes, the eggs will hatch, and the baby iguanas will be born. Do not force them to come out and do not disturb them while they are in the process of being born.

It is important that babies live in the right kind of shelter. Make sure that the cage has artificial turf or some kind of carpeting to help keep the temperature warm. You can also use newspapers to line the cage if you cannot obtain artificial turf. The cage should also have a heating lamp or some kind of heater, especially if the nights are cold. Put a thermometer inside the cage so you can monitor the temperature. The ideal temperature for the cage should be 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night and 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Last but not least, place some branches or something for the iguana to climb on.

A baby iguana’s diet is also very important. Their diet should consist of food that contains Vitamin D3, phosphorus and calcium. Leafy greens should be a part of their diet. You can also feed the iguana the kinds of fruits and vegetables you eat on a regular basis, such as the aforementioned leafy greens like lettuce and berries. They have a delicate digestive system, so you cannot just feed them anything. Stick to the vegetables and fruit mentioned and they should be fine. Also ensure that they have plenty of clean water. You can also try going to your local pet store for specialized iguana food.